These are the questions we get asked the most. These are also some of the questions you should ask any project before buying an NFT from them.

Who's the dev?

The creator/artist, aka Karmelo, has over 20 years of UI design, UX, branding, and illustration experience. Tired of the toxic culture of his 9 to 5, Karmelo ventured into the world of NFTs as way to channel his creative energy into building a brand with a more welcoming community.

Who's the artist?

Uh yeah, that's also Karmelo…

What’s the utility of KREW assets?

The focus has always been on art and comnmunity as the primary utility. Since launch, holders have received opportunities to participate in minting six NFT collections (5 of which were free), including art on both Ethereum and Bitcoin.

Was there a whitelist?

The Karmeleons stealth-dropped in December 2021 without a whitelist.

Will KREW assets go up in value?

Buy NFTs because you love the art and the community only.

What are Karmz, and how do I mint one?

Karmz was a brand derivative collection of 3333 NFTs that was free to mint (+gas) for all holders. Every Karmeleon could mint 1 free Karmz, but the claim is now closed. Karmz established the main IP of the brand as we see it today within The KREW.

What are Krew Cats?

The Krew Cats derivative collections were dropped to OG Gutter Cat Gang holders as a tribute to their support of the Karmeleons genesis. It was inspired by but is in no way affiliated with Gutter Cat Gang. You can collect 'em here.

What ownership rights do I get with my KREW digital collectibles?

KREW holders own 100% IP rights of their NFT. More details in the project terms.

Karmeleons holders own 100% commercial rights to their NFT. For more details, check out the project terms.

Does the project use a custom smart contract?

Absolutely. Here are the custom contracts for all our collections:

Can I mint assets from your collections?

All collection minting is sold out or closed.

Do you work with NFT promoters?


How do I get in touch with the team?

Hit us up on twitter.