Cold-blooded digital collectibles fueled by karmic vibes.

The epic 4:1 burn event has ended, but you can still join the KREW by minting or snagging one on secondary. Only ~300 NFTs remain.

Holding a KREW NFT grants membership to Karma City, a community united by culture, collectibles, fashion and web3. KREW holders also receive top-tier access to exclusive drops, merch and more.

Ethereum Digital Collectibles

Since 2021 we've dropped some dope art on Ethereum, available exclusively to our genesis holders.

The KREW / Premiere Access Collection

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Karmz / Genesis Holder Free Mint (claim ended)

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Karmeleons / Genesis (sold out)

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111 Karmz transcended the Ethereum blockchain to be permanently inscribed on Bitcoin. Hand-delivered to elite holders.

The first 88 are sub-500k and rare af.

We've onboarded hundreds of folks into the NFT space and welcomed them to web3, consistently proving that art + community is utility since December 2021.

Genesis Mint

3,333 Karmeleons NFTs dropped in December '21 on the Ethereum blockchain. Made up of 140+ hand-drawn traits, holders own 100% commercial rights to their Karmeleon and gain access to the entire Karmeleons ecosystem.

Giving Back

For each Karmeleon paid mint we planted a tree with One Tree Planted. Karmeleons is currently a carbon neutral ETH project and has planted over 2,000 trees worldwide. Ongoing tree-planting and eco initiatives will be determined as the project matures.


Karmeleons Artdrops launched on a custom ERC-1155 contract featuring NFT artist collabs that were airdropped to active Karmeleons holders. Collaborating artists gained exposure to the Karmeleons community while holders were dropped dope art.

Karmz Free Mint

When you minted a Karmeleon, you could claim a second free NFT! Karmz was an exclusive brand derivative collection made up of 3,333 NFTs that only holders could unlock. This claim has now ended.

Rarity Tools

Rarity tools listing submitted for the Karmeleons genesis collection, allowing you to drill down and explore rarities and traits on a granular level. Where do your lizards rank?

Krew Cats

Karmelo (creator/artist of the Karmeleons) dropped an entire 3k supply tribute collection in the style of Karmz as a free NFT mint for OG Gutter Cat Gang holders. The collection minted out in ~15hrs but you can still snag a dope cat on secondary.

Karmz Designer Figurine

An extremely limited edition 6" Karmz designer figurine dropped as a limited edition physical collectible to our most discerning collectors.

The Lounge

In partnership with Top Dog Studios, holders now earn points for holding NFTs. Hold more, do more, earn more. Exchange points for NFTs, 1/1 art, physical merch, store coupons and more.

Karmz Bitcoin Ordinals

We inscribed 111 shiny af Karmz Ordinals on Bitcoin (first 88 are sub-500k inscriptions) in a closed, ultra-elite historical mint event. We do a little onboarding. View the collection.

Mint Out

The Karmeleons minted out on Earth Day, April 22, 2023.

Burn-to-claim Event

It's all come down to this: ~4,000 cold-blooded NFTs will be burned in a 4:1 burn-to-claim mint event. You'll need two Karmz and two Karmeleons to be able to mint one rare KREW NFT, a highly curated holders-only drop of 1,000 NFTs. Transcend now!


Extremely limited edition Ordinals inscribed exclusively for hodlers of The KREW.

Since launch, we've planted over 2,060 trees worldwide, forever offsetting ~101,000 lbs of CO₂ per year.

Join the KREW

Come vibe with a curated community of folks genuinely here for the art.